Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club


Club History & Mission
The Beginning

In September of 1975, a group of 15 women all sharing the bond of being the mother of twins, founded the West Chester Area Twins Club. It is with much thanks and appreciation that we honor our founders: Pat Babson, Elaine Benke, Ida Evans, Marsha Gasser, Eillen Gilmore, Ellen Hanna, Linda Harvey, Barbra Hinderling, Ruth Jensen, Kathy Kolkjen, Judy Lockington, Kitty Mackey, Linda Moyer, Thelma Smith, and Carol Sonnenberg.

CCMOMC Mission

1.To promote a feeling of fellowship among mothers of multiples
2.To focus attention on solutions to those problems specifically relating to pregnancy, and multiple births.
3.To help families deal with the challenges of raising multiples through support of fellow members.

Throughout our club's history we have always shared the link of being the parents of multiples. Friendship and support from other mothers who share a similar situation has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of what the Chester County Mothers of Multiples is all about.

Along the Way

Our organization has grown and changed in many ways. One aspect that has always stayed the same is the dedication of volunteers who serve this club. The past presidents have helped shaped the club along that journey. Each President will say it was with the support and friendship of their fellow officers and board, so to each of you we say thank you.

1975/76 Linda Moyer
1977/78 Carol Sonnenberg
1978/79 Carolyn Greene
1979/80 Kitty Mackey
1980/81 Barbara Hinderling
1981/82 Linda Schaeffer
1982/83 Jeannie McFadden
1983/84 Lois Slack
1984/85 Lois Slack
1985/86 Ann Altland
1986/87 Ann Altland
1987/88 Sharon Turner
1988/89 Sharon Turner
1989/90 Caroline Rudat
1990/91 Caroline Rudat
1991/92 Susie Walthall
1992/93 Susie Walthall
1993/94 Alice Lenthe
1994/95 Alice Lenthe
1995/96 Kate Morrison
1996/97 Holly Falcon
1997/98 Gina Harrison
1998/99 Betsy Anstrand
1999/00 Carolyn Best
2000/01 Chris Lawson
2001/02 Jeanine Spiker
2002/03 Allison Stautberg/ Marie Weaverling
2003/04 Marie Weaverling
2004/05 Kym Wells
2005/06 Kelly Flannery
2006/07 Kelly Flannery
2007/08 Karen Cicchinelli
2008/09 Kimberly Cutting Winter
2009/10 Tammy L. Hampshire
2010/11 Tammy L. Hampshire
2011/12 Rebekah Ulmer
2012/13 Rebekah Ulmer
2013/14 Jessica O'Connor
2014/15 Anne Metz
2015/16 Nina Nyman
2016/17 Anne R. Jones


On the Move

1975-1988 Meetings were held at Dilworth Presbyterian Church
1989-1992 Meetings were held at Downingtown Methodist Church
1993-1996 Meetings were held at Friends meeting house
1997-2002 Meetings were held at Messiah Lutheran Church
2003-2011 Meetings were held at the Downingtown Area Senior Center
2011 - Present  Peirce Middle School in West Chester

The Newsletter

The newsletter was originally called the Dailly Double Times and was hand-typed.  It is now called Mothering Multiples and is strictly electronic.  It's e-mailed to members once a month from September through June.

Other communication changes have included the website, which was started in 2001, group e-mail reminders, and notifications, as well as the club's private online forum.


In 1975, the club was started with 15 members but grew steadily over time. In 1996 there were 142 members, and currently we have over 200.

Name Changes

West Chester Area Mothers of Twins Club
Chester County Mothers of Twins Club
Chester County Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club
Chester County Mothers of Multiples


This fundraiser original consisted mainly of household items, baked goods and dug perennials donated by members.   Each year’s auction has helped members in need as well as the community.

After 9/11, we sold all the leftover cookbooks to guests at our clothing sale and raised over $500 for a family of twins who lost their father in the tragedy

Sky’s the Limit Playground - Kerr Park, Downingtown
Opened in September, 2004, Sky’s the Limit is by far the biggest charitable effort undertaken by our club. During almost 4 years time we were able to raise $375,000 in donations and in-kind gifts. We accomplished this through many avenues including auctions, 5K’s, brick and fence post sales, grants, and corporate and individual sponsorships. Sky’s the Limit is the only 100% handicap accessible playground in Chester County. It provides safe and stimulating play regardless of ability. In addition it has become a community and club meeting place.

CYWA Room Redux Project
The 2007/08 and 2008/09 years, CCMOMC members headed to Coatesville to renovate rooms the Community Youth and Women's Alliance (CYWA).  The first year we tackled two bedrooms and a hallway.  The second year we took on a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  These spaces accommodate up to seven families at a time.  Moms and their children can enter the facility for up to six weeks while they reassess their living situation and try to figure out what their next steps might be.  The idea of our renovation was to give the families who walk through the door to a sunny, clean, and warm environment with which to make a fresh start.  The club accomplished this in spades.

Giraffe Bed for the Chester County Hospital NICU
From 2005 - 2007, $10,000 was raised to help pay for a giraffe bed at the Chester County Hospital NICU.

Since 2008, CCMOMC has been organizing the children's section at Chester County Hospital's Mayfest fundraiser. The funds raised help the hospital pay for patients who are uninsured. In 2010 alone, we raised more than $10,000 for the hospital.

In 2010, CCMOMC created a college scholarship for qualified high school seniors in Chester County to help offset some of the costs of college.

Clothing sale

In the beginning the sale was held in a basement of a church with just a few sellers. Over the years our sale has become a much-anticipated event. Held twice a year, it is a chance to clean out our closets and toys, find great new items, and provide the community an excellent opportunity to get great deals for their families. With the Fall 2011 Clothing Sale, we returned to our United Sports Training Center location in Downingtown, now its current location.

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