Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club


Membership Information
The Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club (CCMOMC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides support for its members in a variety of ways. Membership is available to all mothers and expectant mothers of multiples. The advantages of being a new member are as plentiful as the joys and challenges that come with being a parent of multiples.

Dues are only $25 per year and must be paid before receiving member benefits. Our membership year runs August through July.  Renewing members may have their dues taken from the spring sale seller proceeds.  If you are joining between January and August, your dues will be prorated to $15.

You are invited to fill out a membership form at BigTent

Please join us at our next monthly meeting where we can answer any questions you may have.  You do not need to be a member to attend the meetings.


Member Benefits

The Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club (CCMOMC) is a community service organization that provides support for its members in a variety of ways. We are dedicated to supporting mothers of multiples and assisting them with adjusting to their new role.

  • Get Access to our private online forum - Where parents can quick advice, buy and sell equipment, make a play date and much more.
  • New Mom's Group – Prior to each general meeting, expectant mothers and mothers of multiples under one year of age meet to ask questions and share ideas and strategies with other members who have been through or are going through similar experiences.
  • Monthly General Meetings – Each meeting focuses on topics ranging from stress management to stranger danger to pampering. Suggestions for these topics are always welcome.
  • Biannual Clothing Sales – Membership in the CCMOMC allows you the opportunity to sell children’s clothing, maternity clothes, toys, baby furniture and equipment at prices that you determine are fair and reasonable. Selling your own items and working a shift enables you to gain admission to the sale the night before the sale becomes open to the general public.  Please note: In order to be eligible to sell at our sale, your dues and membership forms must be RECEIVED no later than two weeks before the sale.
  • Support Network – The club also provides a number of support networks for moms dealing with specific issues, such as mothers of children with special needs, nursing mothers, working mothers and single mothers.
  • Mentoring Program – CCMOMC offers a “big sister” program to expectant and new moms whereby a seasoned club member can provide support, guidance and friendship during pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Excursions – CCMOMC plans frequent excursions to a variety of “kid friendly” places, which often give you and your little ones a much-needed change of scenery.
  • Playgroups – Playdates can be a lifesaver for any mom, but throw multiples in the mix and playdates are practically a necessity.  CCMOMC can help you set up playdates or even regular playgroups with other member moms of kids around the same age.  It's a great opportunity to share parenting tips and have some much-needed adult conversation.
  • Moms Only Events – Get that much-needed night out sans kids and enjoy a little relaxation and adult conversation at a wine tasting or the club banquet or a little karaoke or even country line dancing.
  • Family Events and Outings – The CCMOMC organizes a summer picnic and occasional parties for members and their families that provide members with the opportunity to meet other members’ families and to create new friendships.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CCMOMC as a new member.

Click Here to join CCMOMC.

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